Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Misro-organics / 2pm 31st March at CAL 2017



Rob Kesseler in conversation with Tessa Eastman and Ikuko Iwamoto

Friday 31st March 2pm at Ceramic Art London 2017

Artists, artisans and especially potters have long drawn inspiration from the natural world, but recent developments in microscopy and the rise in collaborations between artists and scientists has opened up a whole new world of spectacular patterns and structures too small to be seen by the naked eye. Micro-organics brings together three people who draw inspiration from this world in their work. Rob has spent the last eighteen years looking at plant material down microscopes at Kew from which he has developed an extensive collection of printed ceramics, textiles and an award winning series of books that have inspired a new generation of makers. Tessa’s ceramic sculptures bring to life a colourful world where forms and structures collide suggesting the hidden forces at the creation of life. Ikuko makes porcelain sculptures of exquisite intimacy and detail suggestive of mathematical pattern and organic chaos.

Rob is an artist, author, Professor at Central Saint Martins and Chair of Arts, Design and Science at University of the Arts, London.

Central Saint Martins
Granary Square
Kings Cross

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